If you have a hole or dent in your drywall, we are able to fix these quickly and inexpensively. Dents that have not fully penetrated the wall can be fixed with just drywall compound, without Drywall hole repair patchthe need of a reinforcement patch or tape. The mud used for this type of repair dries quickly, so multiple layers of mud can be performed in a short amount of time. Each layer is thinly applied, allowing it dry even faster.

Holes in drywall that have fully penetrated the wall will require the reinforcement of a drywall patch. These patches are made of a thin metal and have mesh tape on and around the front perimeter. The back has a thin layer of adhesive, so it will easily stick to the wall. The idea is to cover the entire hole with the patch, then add thin layers of fast-drying compound. The patch is cut down to fit the size of the hole. After a few layers of compound have been added, it is sanded down and is ready to be primed.

How much will a small repair cost?

There is definitely an art and skill to drywall installation. Poor application can cause headaches later on. If you’d like to get an estimate for a drywall repair, just email us or text our office line at (913) 755-9292 with a picture of the damage. We’re normally able to provide an accurate quote with just a few photos. Most small repairs cost less that $200, even if multiple trips are required.